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JUNE traverses the seamless space between elation and nonchalance with her music. June’s electric house sound shimmers brightly against her smooth and vibrant vocals to create melodies reminiscent of late 80’s pop music. After all, that’s what June is for Jaime, a blend of a little nostalgia, self-reflection and sincere emotion. 

Her effortless cool builds off of rich and smooth vocals and a tropical house sound, with an energy that stays closer to the beach. The bright and upbeat production that shimmers in joy and avoids dipping into melancholia. 

Coming from a family of musicians, it would be easy to assume that she was pushed into the music world, forced to uphold the Webster family’s legacy. However, that could not be further from the truth as she is constantly striving for her own unique sound. One that echoes her name in the world of music. 


For June, it wasn’t the allure of stardom, or the renowned music connections that have surrounded her from childhood; her pursuit of music is genuine. June fell in love with the craft long before she even knew of the lineage and global influence of her family’s musical talent. 

June’s song creation process begins with a few chords played out on the piano (an instrument that she’s been practicing since she was just 3 years old). Once the melody has been laid out, June focuses heavily on the verses and the emotional connection between the lyrics and the music. 

June has never needed many outside influences to make her art, she’s always been independent and that’s how she wants it to stay. This method is how she discovers vibrant organic rhythms in a sea of synths and samples. June is an exploration of emotions, a self-reflection for the moment. Her blend of unique and exotic instruments and vocals makes you want to get past the troubles and just dance!

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